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<About us>.
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Humanity Centred Designs® is a Material Innovation Hub that transform textile waste from Marginalized apparel manufacturing factories into Innovative recycled Textile Materials. We also works in a domain of a social enterprise, to support and help these micro-small scale apparel manufacturing industries associated with the fashion and lifestyle supply chain towards sustainable development and waste management.

<With an approach to transform human-centred designs into humanity-centred designs through sustainable practices to fosters fashion MSE's>. 

We are partners with more than 150 MSEs apparel manufacturers and craft clusters in India to develop and source products for our clients. Our leading partner is Ram Exports, an ethical apparel manufacturing export house based in India. 

<Our founder>. 

Humanity-centred designs founder Vishal Tolambia is a multi-disciplinary designer and sustainability researcher with experience of more than 3 years whose work spans research, strategy implementation, project management, sustainability reporting, sustainable product sourcing, and development across the Luxury and Fast Fashion supply chain. Focussed on ethical standards, practices, and strategies implementation in fashion production and preservation of circularity, fine craftsmanship, environmental, cultural, climate preservation, and social emergence domains across the supply chain for the organizations.

Vishal is a master's graduate in Fashion sustainability (MA Fashion Futures) from the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, and an undergraduate in Fashion Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India. 

In the last year, he has been researching, developing, and launching his first prototypes and innovative Textile in 2021 as part of his master's study HCD-Tex™. which is now available for fashion, brands, and companies.

<Awards and Recognitions>.
  • Climate Launchpad Winner 2022, India

  • Creative Enterprise Award 2022, by UAL in partnership with MTart Agency.

  • Young Scientist Award 2022 Finalist, by Lenzings, Austria..

  • Imagining Sustainable Fashion Award 2022, by Classcohub x Connecting Cultures (Milan) Italy.

  • Circular Design Challenge 2022, finalist top 6, Worldwide presented by RIElanM in partnership with FDCIx Lakmé Fashion Week and United Nations Environment Programme.

  • Global Design Graduate Show 2020, Arts Thread in collaboration with Gucci

  • Contemporary Use of Traditional Skills Award, Ministry of Textile, India 2020 NIFT Jodhpur, India

  • Sustainable Project Award 2020, Ministry of Textile, India 2020 NIFT Jodhpur India

Stefani Longshamp


Entangled Future.

Entangled futures series last Lecture. Connecting humanity centered designs research & recycling framework with Earth Logic fashion action research plan.

Alongside Professor Dilys Williams (Director- Centre for Sustainable Fashion, @migs_migs_ , @pickledhana @slow_______beep, @lifes_queer_tapestry.

Series Curated by @artsciencecsm @l.lg_ & @pasttorblanc with @climate_emergency_network & University of the Arts London support.

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