We Only Have One Earth

We're more than an apparel brand, an research organization that helps companies, organization, brands and manufacturers associated within the fashion and lifestyle product supply chain towards sustainable and circular transformation. 

HCD offers a range of services with a focus on the development of innovative fabrics & apparel, lifestyle (sampling and prototyping), circular fashion design, co-creation possibilities, consultancy support, and project & change management support in the transition to circular textiles and apparel.

"Build your brand sustainably with our transforming servives"

Recycled & sustainable Fabric Sourcing

In the last years, we’ve been researching, developing, and launching our project, which concluded in prototypes and innovative Textile materials in 2021. We termed it as HCD-Tex™ also we work in different roles and collaborations to develop our own yarn, fabric, and apparel from waste that makes fabric & fashion more ethical and good for the planet.

Source recycled PET fabrics developed from plastic bottles

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Ethical Manufacturing:

Apparel and lifestyle products

80% of a product’s environmental footprint is decided at the manufacturing stage. Connecting with the right trusted manufacturers for your product development is our responsibility. We work personally with more than 150 manufacturing MSEs in India to enhance your product journey ethically and responsibly. This way you would support the MSEs and your products life.


With our founder (sustainability researcher) network, links to Centre of sustainable fashion, London College of Fashion expertise,  we offer consultancy support to accelerate the transition to circular textiles (including True value concepts, Circular business case development, Project management & change management). Under the heading "Solution development" we offer services that deal with all kinds of questions that exist within companies, for example organizing a new chain for a residual flow in a company.

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Are you an enthusiast, organization, community, NGO driving sustainable changes to foster the fashion industry and our planet earth. We actively work on research projects to develop innovative circular systems. HCD can support and develop your project to bring the change.