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Group Project 3 Weeks 


Designing for the Experience Age through sensing and interacting


Bodies and Beyond:

Prosthetics, Enhancement and


Intervene: Encouraging personal Empowerment

Engage: Interacting with an Environment.

Sensing &


This second challenge was focusing on a real- world problem and applying speculative thinking process in order to build a solution for the identified problem.  Follwed by designing and developing a suggestive technology grounded in a plausible theory allowing fiction to become believable through a physical prototype.

The purpose and positioning of our project is to be in line with the idea of ‘Future’. Meaning our prototype should is an artifact producing conversations about a future, provoking and stimulating discussion on a emerging technology, future applications and directions we deemed to be possible. To support the prototype we developed a short film that visualize the speculative vision of the prototype in the future.


Vishal Tolambia

Katharina Gerken

Ethan Manzer Ijaz 

Mig Radziunaite 


We asked and inquired the question "how the human relation to nature has changed over time". How Modern life has become disconnected from nature. Emphasign on human lives are devoid of natural cycles, birdsong, bubbling streams and the freshest air now.

The way humans are disconnecting with nature due to busy lives. Its having tremendous effect on their mental and physical well-being. Its highly essential to reconnect human with nature again. Also, without that connection to nature, people lose interest in protecting it.  We started working on the idea of  an technology that speculated a vision of technology in future that connects humans with nature.


Wearable technology for foot




design and sensing interface

developed by 
Mig Radzinuate


Nature experience through sensing

During the initial development exercises, we realised that an overlap between ethan and Mig’s ideas was emerging, both of which focused on feet. Building on the visual inspiration of vishal's prototype, we planned to conceive a sensory technology for the sole of the foot, an area now numbed by sterile urban environments from which it is so often separated by a thick layer of rubber and a sedentary lifestyle. By recording the everyday materials and textures on which we walk, this technology is able to store the sensory maps for on-demand amplification or simulation of foot tactility, reconnecting human with the natural environment from which they have grown so detached.

This prototype is created with an idea to bring the experience of  being in nature to wearer by sensing through their feet.  This technology aim to reconnect them again with nature from anywhere. 


We gave it a title  Tactile Nature- related to, involving, or perceptible to the sense of touch in nature

story board.jpg

Film developement 


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