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If people talk and acknowledge the issue , the positive difference can be made 

The initiative and ideation behind this installation aware the consumer regarding the degrading condition of the manufacturing industry through a carpet artifact; which was installed at one of the unbranded local fashion heart of the London “Camden Market, London” to aware, examine, and record people's experiences, reaction, and engagement towards the installation.


We People are the decision-makers in the current scenario. Walk consciously is trying to nudge, educate people to make better choices, pay deservingly to those who are worthy of it.

by raising awareness to the consumers, retailers, and fashion industry leaders to notice the deteriorating condition of the small-scale apparel manufacturing industry,  and help them grow by providing them the support they deserve. The only way to elevate the situation is; by getting people to talk more about it; making them aware of the issue; making a positive difference in the world by acquainting ourselves with the right choices and buying habits.

"There's still need for support from government, industry leaders and campaigners" 

Government and Industry leaders need to help and support manufacturers towards sustainable approaches and practices. Campaigners to ensure their voice is heard and actions are implemented 


#Ethical trade rules should be more proactive to ensure that overseas manufacturing is beneficial for both retailers and supplier

#The Government needs to introduce a series of new policies to resolve environmental and social problems of the fashion industry with the support of retailers

#Government to pass laws that ensure that the manufacturers and workers are getting paid deservingly.

#Larger brands need to support the small manufacturers in terms of supporting innovation and research for the development of manufacturers


#The Indian fashion industry is under-researched in various segments, the government needs to support the academic research organization in India. 

​#Forums that inform the debate between parliamentarians, business leaders and the sustainable resource community needs to initiated by Government for effective communication between policy-makers, businesses, and organizations.


Let's take the small manufacturers to a better stage. 


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